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niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011

No rest for the wicked

Zielona Gora: I am finally here. It was long, humid and sweaty, but I got here in the end.

 My first meeting with the train station in Warszawa was not a pleasant one. People at the first information desk didn’t speak English and we had to queue for ages to find someone who did. (Seems like there is a lot of queuing going on in Poland).

Our first meeting with a Polish train station

 After a while of uncertainty, a lovely lady reassured me that I was on the right platform and I boarded my train. The train looked like it belonged in a 1950’s movie and I had a little giggle to myself as I sat down in my seat feeling like I had travelled back in time.

 There is only so much you can take of looking at trees, green countryside and cute houses and I found myself bored and decided to focus my attention on the other passengers. This is where I made my first friend in Poland: Asia. I was relieved finding someone who spoke English and Asia was the perfect train guide. Studying in Warszawa but with her family living in Zielona Gora, she was used to the train journey: “I wish there was a flight”, she said. But unfortunately for her, she has to embark on the long train journey quite often.

 As I explained why I had embarked on this six hour journey, Asia exclaimed: “But why would you want to go to Zielona Gora? You’ll be bored after a few days. ”

I expressed my desire to try out Polish cuisine and was met with a shake of the head. Asia was not a big fan: “But if you must try, go to Chlopska Chata,” she exclaimed before warning me to stay away from Zurek: “It’s horrible”.

 We laughed and chatted whilst I desperately tried to learn some Polish. My new friend made the journey seem shorter. As Asia bid us goodbye and hour before ZG, I decided to make yet another friend.

 I pretty much forced the beautiful woman sitting across from me to talk to me. She had been laughing with me an Asia, but I could tell she was terrified of the idea of having to speak English. Well Marta, when you’re stuck with me, you have no choice. I lured the words out of her, and it turned out her English was perfectly understandable and we ended up having a lovely conversation even if we didn’t always understand each other.

To sum up my journey: Long, bumpy with smelly toilets but amazing people.


On the station in Zielona Gora, two mental guys met me and decided to follow me around and watch as I tried to get a taxi to my hotel. Then these strange creatures then decided to jump in the taxi and come with me to Hotel Srodmijeski. Not to worry, these guys were my shadows from Gazeta and they were wonderful. After making them carry my bags up three flights of stairs I arrived at my room. It was AMAZING! Turns out it helps being famous. I was expecting a tiny single room, but instead I got a massive room with a great view and a very comfy bed. I love you hotel Srodmiejski!

 the view from my great room.


 There is no rest for the wicked and in true Polish style I was forced to drink vodka followed by a trip to Pina Colada where I enjoyed Polish beer and danced off the calories.


So after not having slept for a few days, I am now incredibly tired but ready to explore the city. Tonight I’ll be going to the Speedway match, which should be an interesting affair. I have a bet on with my colleague in Gorsow, so ZG better win! Are you going there? Let me know!

 xoxo Lis

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niedziela, 19 czerwca 2011 11:40

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  • twkozlowski napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/19 22:48:07:

    Hi Lis,
    I am glad that everything went fine and you've finally came to Zielona Gora! I enjoyed reading an article about your coming to the city and was pleased that you had managed to pronounce the name of the hotel (in a broken Polish, as they wrote :)!

    I am sorry for your experiences in the train, they seem really awful :/ As for food, and żurek especially, I've never been to Chata Chłopska but I can honestly recommend you eating it in the Tropical House restaurant if you're going to visit it someday.

    Oh, and I've seen your tweet about the match; what a pity it's been raining! How did you find the atmosphere? Let us know!


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