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poniedziałek, 20 czerwca 2011

supermarket pantomime

My nickname is black hole or hoover, because food seems to disappear around me when I am hungry. As this was the case, I decided to check out the nearby supermarket for a quick snack this afternoon.

 The meat counter looked delicious (not like the small ham-salami areas in England). In Austria it is common to have a Wurstsemmel (this is a roll filled with ham or other sausages). So I asked the lady at the counter if she could make me a roll with ham. She said to me in Polish that she couldn't understand me.

 Because I am very good in pantomime, I thought no problem. I took a roll (bulka) and showed her with hand signes that I want her to cut it and put a certain ham in it.

She still didn't understand me, but was very friendly and tried her best. She only cut two slim slices of ham, even though I gestured I want more. Oh well, at least I didn't die of hunger and only spent 98 Grosze on my lunch!

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poniedziałek, 20 czerwca 2011 19:16

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  • dr_avalanche napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/20 19:35:04:

    I bet she understood you quite well, but she just couldn'b believe what you want her to do ;). A lot have changed in Poland since the collapse of communism, but the tradition of prepering some snacks at the counter is long forgotten. The same with filleting the meat or fish. Every time I hear on some tv cooking show how a British chef says "Ask your butcher to do it for you", I burst into laughing :D

  • olita.confused napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/20 19:45:28:

    unfortuantly there is still no custm of fresh ready made sandwiches in poland in the deli counter. although i know some places where u can buy pierogi or salads or placki ziemniaczane(patato pancakes- its a must to try!) from the deli counter....the lunch break still evolves in poland as its a new thing and most of ppl bring home made staff to eat during the break. the other thing i miss in poland when im visiting (currently 6 years in uk) is the cheap lunch deals on dine in for two for 10.

  • sateda napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/20 20:53:21:

    Wow, would you really like her to cut the roll for you with the knife she uses to cut meat, on the surface where she cuts meat? She might have understood you but couldn't comply because of the potential health hazards!

  • luciad napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/20 21:58:25:

    I agree with the above comments. And if you want to have a bread roll with ham, you have to look for these. They are ready-made and wrapped up in foild and available in some supermarkets and food shops.

  • meyas1 napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2011/06/21 10:22:05:

    I must say, I'm really disappointed with you as Warsaws journalist. comparing your posts, their quantity and length to your journalists-mates, you're something like below average. it's not enough
    Im quite convinced thats not entirely your fault. I want my criticism to be constructive so just let me know if you want some help. I have some spare time and can give you a hand.

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