MISJA 21: Podróż dookoła Polski w 21 dni Euro

Nasi wysłannicy z Londynu i Łodzi - Petter Larsson z City University i Maciej Stańczyk z Gazety Wyborczej - przemierzają kraj w poszukiwaniu największego sukcesu i porażki Mistrzostw Europy w Piłce Nożnej UEFA - Euro 2012.


poniedziałek, 25 czerwca 2012

Leaving "The Boat" on a train to my plane

During our whole trip we have met people from Lodz and after hearing so much, mostly bad things, about the place, it felt natural to spend the last weekend in Poland finding out if

  1. There were any people left in Lodz.
  2. It was as boring, ugly and dead as people said.

Of course, both those statements were wrong. Lodz might not have any of the world’s seven wonders in it, but the city seems to be full of cool people, urban lifestyles and nice hangouts. At least where I went.

Katowice and Lodz remind me of each other and of my beloved Malmö that I tonight will see for the first time this year. They are industrial cities going arty with warehouses and old factories completely blooming of galleries, clubs, and restaurants. Everything in the city is built in old factories, surrounded by many big nice parks. Malmö was a grey, dangerous and ugly place 15 years ago but has now grown to be a beautiful cultural centre, greeting foreigners to Sweden as they arrive on the bridge from Copenhagen.

Add Poland’s – and probably one of Europe’s longest bar streets full of stylish people and I see no reason for leaving (well, apart from having a flight back home to see my parents for the first time in more than half a year).

Even though Lodz didn’t host any games this tournament the Euro was definitely present. Big screen TV’s seemed to be a feature as common as the famous murals on walls all over the cities and cycling through the main street during a game I could easily follow the action by simply switching screen from bar to bar.

Perhaps not hosting the tournament has lead to a smaller shock and depression when there are no more Poland games or games at all. This would mean that the Euro now is more alive in Lodz than in many host cities.

Many people from Lodz are suffering from some kind of complex, feeling a bit ashamed to say they are from there – just like many Polish people I meet in London seem to be a bit ashamed of saying they’re from Poland.

But if you’re not interested in seeing old churches or famous dead people’s coffins, then visiting Lodz is a great way of seeing the new Poland – the stuff whole Europe seems to have got a taste for this summer.

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  • lmblmb napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2012/06/27 06:41:19:

    I don't know what the deal with Łódź is. Sure, it's run down and famous for its social problems, but it's very interesting in its own way. This is the only Polish city that has such good urban planning.

    And ti's cheap :=)

  • darla13 napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2012/06/27 13:29:38:

    not only Łódź has good urban planning, but also Szczecin

  • kostusiak123 napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2013/03/17 18:35:14:

    Lifestyle blog, i love how you write!

  • jan.szczepan napisał(a) komentarz datowany na 2013/08/02 14:35:32:

    Yeah, Lodz isn't the most beautiful in Poland in terms of buildings, parks etc. But it's still great place to live in - people are it's the biggest treasure. Also there is actualy a lots of going on - Design Festivals, MLM Forums, Camps etc - worth to see it, really.

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