MISJA 21: Podróż dookoła Polski w 21 dni Euro

Nasi wysłannicy z Londynu i Łodzi - Petter Larsson z City University i Maciej Stańczyk z Gazety Wyborczej - przemierzaj± kraj w poszukiwaniu największego sukcesu i porażki Mistrzostw Europy w Piłce Nożnej UEFA - Euro 2012.


sobota, 23 czerwca 2012

On another mission - The Spirit of Football

On Gdansk’s streets yesterday we met another example of the new generation German supporters that, like the new generation German players, aim to change the picture of their country. A group of guys with cameras, fake moustaches and a football, who called themselves “The Spirit Of Football,” had travelled to Euro to make a documentary about the spirit of football.

They said their aim is to cross boundaries through the global language that football is and wanted to transfer core features of the sport such as fair play, team spirit, respect and fun, to everyday life.

They let everyone who kicked the ball back sign it and filmed while I fixed it on my forehead for a while, put it on my neck, flicked it back up on my forehead and then threw it back to them. Then they asked what I thought was the spirit of football and I suddenly I’d realised we’d met another group of missionaries, travelling around Euro trying to meet and talk to as many people as possible.

The group from Erfurt, Thuringia, with one under-cover Norwegian (they are everywhere – I even met four Greeks who spoke Norwegian and said they were half-Greek) continued their walk through the city and could later post pictures of many people, including the German Federal Minister of Interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, juggling or signing the ball, on their Facebook page.

The last picture of the ball from yesterday is when it is out of air and a guy wears it on his head. The capture says: “UEFA-rules: No balls allowed in the stadium. Hats are.”

I am looking to follow the mission of the boarder-crossing, networking, new generation Germans as ours is coming to an end.

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sobota, 23 czerwca 2012 16:15

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