MISJA 21: Podróż dookoła Polski w 21 dni Euro

Nasi wysłannicy z Londynu i Łodzi - Petter Larsson z City University i Maciej Stańczyk z Gazety Wyborczej - przemierzają kraj w poszukiwaniu największego sukcesu i porażki Mistrzostw Europy w Piłce Nożnej UEFA - Euro 2012.


niedziela, 24 czerwca 2012

Short city summary

It’s hard to compare atmospheres in different cities as it depends on games, weather, politics and other factors, but on the whole we have definitely got some impressions of differences.

Gdansk and Tricity gave the feeling of a chilled-out Mediterranean coast town where the locals and the South European fans got along like old friends. Gdansk, facing the Baltic Sea, was also full of Scandinavians on their trip down to Ukraine and had the most multicultural vibe of all cities.

Warsaw was the city of great masses and crowds. Despite being physically standing with our heads in each other’s armpits, Warsaw was also the city with the longest distances between people. Most people were nice and happy but the constant presence of skinheads and drunks seemed to make everyone a bit reserved. Warsaw was the most difficult city to talk to strangers in.

Krakow is not a host city and didn’t have the Euro atmosphere. Instead, tourist groups who thought Euro was a currency and Tyton was something you smoke had invaded the place. Krakow’s atmosphere was good. People were friendly and talkative but that was probably a result of their tourism rather than of the Euro.

Wroclaw was the city with the best Polish atmosphere. In Wroclaw’s small streets and nice parks, people in red and white were singing and dancing as if they all were Brazilians on a costume party with a Poland theme. Before, during and after Poland’s last game there was a happy and jokey vibe between the Poles and Czech fans.

Poznan had been lucky to get the happiest fans to visit their little city, but the inhabitants of this pearl also did a great job. In Poznan we saw the best interactions between locals and foreigners in any of the host cities. The market square seemed to be a perfect place for boarder-crossing love to grow.

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