MISJA 21: Podróż dookoła Polski w 21 dni Euro

Nasi wysłannicy z Londynu i Łodzi - Petter Larsson z City University i Maciej Stańczyk z Gazety Wyborczej - przemierzają kraj w poszukiwaniu największego sukcesu i porażki Mistrzostw Europy w Piłce Nożnej UEFA - Euro 2012.


piątek, 22 czerwca 2012

The game of Zones

Because of different weather, different games and different days it is impossible to make a fair summary of my impressions of the Fan Zones we have been to. So I’ll make an unfair one.

Gdansk’s Fan Zone is big and had a very friendly vibe when we were there. The toilets and bars were easy to get to even when it was crowded.

Plus features: Big food and bar tent with TV screens, playgrounds for the kids, handwash by the ToiTois, PayPass cards and great food variety. Good entertainment between the games, related to who was playing.

Minus features: Could get muddy when it rains. A bit outside the city centre.

4/5 PPT (Polish palm trees)

Warsaw’s Fan Zone was as good as they could have made it for such an amount of people. It had many big screens and areas for people to watch the games but that came with a withdrawal of the funny things other Fan Zones had. I guess Warsaw is a city where one can find fun everywhere anyway.

Plus features:  Massive area. The only area that could really take on a big enough crowd for a Poland game. Easy to get to.

Minus features: One hour queuing for a beer when Poland played and a beer/food currency that didn’t work in any other Fan Zone. Once, most of the toilets were shut so people had to wait for 15 minutes for the ones still working. Lots of firecrackers were somehow let in during the Poland-Russia game and the kids didn’t look too comfortable with them exploding every other minute.

2/5 PPL

Krakow’s Fan Zone didn’t do its best performance when it really needed to (when we had our eyes on it). The weak spot – the grass field that looked more like a mud bathing spa after the heavy rain – was exposed just as we came there and I am sure that it during a nice summer evening would have been very nice. There must however be a reason why everyone I spoke to there was there for the first(and possibly last) time.

Plus features: Easy to get access to toilets and beer stands (because it was completely empty of people), lots of space (because there it was completely empty of people) and very nice atmosphere between staff and visitors (because it was completely empty of people).

Minus features: It was completely empty of people. The mud zone was located too far from the city centre and didn’t have anywhere to watch games covered from the rain apart from under the front row of the tables with umbrellas. We got a table at the second row and saw nothing. They also had a different beer/food currency – coupons – that didn’t work anywhere else. It was probably mostly the people who’d already paid for a lot of coupons who decided to stay.

1/5 PPT

Wroclaw’s Fan Zone was nicely located in the city centre. Its stone ground was good when it started to rain, but it doesn’t have that much nice food – the only extra Wroclaw offers is a candy stand and pop corn – and it is not big enough. During Poland’s last game in Wroclaw, the Fan Zone was divided in two – one for people standing outside the fences and one for people inside. Outside was almost better as people could bring their own drinks.

Plus features: Good location. Nice ground to stand on even in rain. PayPass card worked to buy food and drinks with.

Minus features: Too small to get everyone enjoy those plus features.

3/5 PPT

Poznan’s Fan Zone was nice and cozy, in the heart of the city. It had a fountain and stairs for people to sit on which was perfect during our stay in the city when the summer evenings were warm and it wasn’t too crowded. It didn’t however have a big variety of food and we had to go for either sausage or zapiekanka.

Plus features: Cozy, small and not on grass. One paid with PayPass and there were some options to sit watching games when it wasn’t crowded. Nice parties in the evenings.

Minus features: When it was crowded, however, I have heard it could become full three hours before the game and be quite difficult to get around inside. A big glass house taking up a lot of space, for people who want to be there but still pay for not having to stand around people, doesn't help. It's cozy but not effective.

2/5 PPT

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